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Display a simple interactive calculator to your users


Display different shaped rulers with different metrics

Unit Converter

Convert between more than 30 different units of measurement

Rich Text

Display a block of formatted text on the screen.


Embed custom calculators created using Calconic


Display pre-filled checklists to your users


Send a message to the author

Flash Cards

Display flashcards containing questions and their respective answers inside your ebook.

Google Forms

Display a form straight from Google Forms inside your ebook.


Display a list of words and their definitions

Google Maps

Display Google Maps and manage location presets

Google Translate

Translate words and phrases using Google Translate

MP3 Player

Play different MP3 playlists


View a list of linked references


Receive preset reminders inside your ebook

Roll the dice

Roll one or two dices on top of the ebook

Scientific Calculator

Perform complex calculations using a scientific calculator


A blank notes app to write your notes in


Listen to unique soundscapes as you read

Voice Notes

Record voice notes for yourself and play them back easily any time


Display sudoku puzzles inside your ebook.


Display crossword puzzles inside your ebook.

Google Calendar

Share events of a specific Google Calendar with your readers.


Play chess against the computer.

Currency Converter

Convert between different foreign currencies

Image Viewer

Display a gallery of images inside your ebook

PDF Viewer

Display a PDF file inside your ebook


Fill in a survey and send the results to the author

Google Slides

Display a Google Slides presentation inside your ebook.


Display a Wordsearch puzzle game inside your ebook.

RSS Reader

Display any RSS feed in your ebook

Coloring Book

Provide coloring activities inside your ebook

Google Docs

Display a Google Docs inside your ebook.


Display a YouTube video in your ebook

Memory Game

Level up your memory with memory game.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle is a welcomed and addictive game, play and train your brain and get relaxed!

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