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Kotobee Affiliate Program

Join the Kotobee Affiliate Program and start earning attractive commissions today! Simply promote Kotobee's products on your website, social media, blog, or any channel of your choice, and receive a share of the sales you generate. With our user-friendly tracking system and timely payouts, it's easy to get started and start earning. We look forward to partnering with you, so be sure to get set up and started today!

Become an Affiliate

How It Works



Simply start by registering as a partner and get access to your affiliate account.


2 Share

Share Kotobee’s products with your audience using your custom links.


3 Earn

Earn up to 40% referral commissions from qualifying purchases.

Your Benefits as a Kotobee Affiliate Partner


Up to 40% Referral Commission

Earn up to a 40% commission for every customer who makes a purchase through your referral link. We offer a base commission of 30%, upgradable to 40% based on your performance.


Easily Share Links

As soon as you sign up, you'll receive your ready-made custom sharing link in your affiliate account. You can then easily share Kotobee’s products with your audience.


Marketing Resources

We provide banners, artwork, and other resources to help you promote our products effectively. You'll have access to product logos, images, and more to use with your referral links.


Fast Payments

As soon as you reach the minimum threshold of $200, your commission will be sent to you via PayPal at the end of the month. So, make sure to have a working PayPal account before then.

How to Promote Kotobee Products

We’ll make it super easy for you to promote Kotobee products once you become an affiliate. You will have access to high-quality artwork assets, different-sized banners, and a real-time tracking dashboard. And to jumpstart your Kotobee affiliate journey, we've got some great tips for you:


Use social media

Promote Kotobee's products on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Share product links with your followers and encourage them to make a purchase using your affiliate link.


Write product reviews

Share your personal experience with Kotobee's products and explain how they can benefit your audience. Be sure to include your affiliate link in the review so that readers can easily make a purchase.


Create video content

Create videos that showcase Kotobee's products and explain their benefits. Share these videos on YouTube and other video-sharing platforms, and include your affiliate link in the description.


Leverage email marketing

Send regular newsletters and promotional emails to your subscribers, featuring Kotobee's products and include your affiliate link. Be sure to provide value in your emails, such as educational content or your personal review on the products.


Create blog articles

Creating blog posts is a great way to showcase Kotobee's products and provide value to your audience. Share your affiliate links in your content, and make sure to promote it on social media and other channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - How does the Kotobee Affiliate Program Work?

By sharing Kotobee’s products with your audience using the custom links provided in your affiliate account, you can earn money on qualifying purchases made through your links.

2 - Who can participate in this program?

Anyone can participate in the Kotobee Affiliate Program. It’s free and easy to join!

3 - How and when do I earn my commission?

You earn from qualifying purchases made through the traffic you drive to Kotobee product pages using your affiliate link. Once you reach a certain threshold of $200, payments will automatically be sent to you by the end of the month through PayPal.

4 - How will my code be tracked?

When a user visits Kotobee through your affiliate link, your code is stored in their browser's cache (local storage to be specific). Once the user decides to create a "free" account, the code is stored into their account where it stays safely in our database. So even if the user purchases later from a different browser or computer, you will still be eligible for the sale.

5 - For how long will my visitors be tracked?

Visitors who come to Kotobee via your affiliate link will be tracked for 90 days from their initial visit. During this period, if they make a purchase, you will be eligible for a commission. Additionally, if they sign up for a free account anytime in those 90 days, they will be tracked for an additional 90 days, giving you more opportunities to earn a commission if they eventually upgrade to a paid plan.

6 - How do I track my sales and progress?

When you log into your affiliate account, you can see all your sales and track the traffic initiated through your affiliate links in real time.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. We're here to help you succeed as a Kotobee Affiliate Partner!