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Turn your documents into stunning interactive digital publications

  • Go paperless and create elegant interactive publications.
  • Capture your readers’ attention and increase their engagement.

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Enrich your Digital Publications with Interactivity

Enrich your ebooks or magazines with interactivity such as videos, external links, image galleries, animations, interactive infographics, and many other types of rich media.

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Export to Different Formats and Publish Anywhere

Export your digital documents to +12 different formats for various digital publishing needs, including EPUB and Kindle. You can also export them as web apps to be viewed on browsers, and mobile apps to be viewed on mobile devices.

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Publish on All Major Ebook Stores

Get your manuscript ready for publishing on all major ebook retailers like Amazon, Kobo, or B&N with little to no extra effort. It’s a cost-effective method of distributing your ebooks.

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Publish and Sell Immediately

Host your ebook instantly and sell it directly from your own custom branded library app or website, with 100% royalties. You can also make use of our subscription payment model to sell access to your digital magazines.

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Access your Ebooks Analytics

View analytics for your published ebooks directly from your dashboard, such as the number of readers for each ebook or each chapter, as well as the number of successful purchases.

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Success Stories

Check out how training managers use Kotobee to create interactive training content

Museum of Wales

With seven museums across Wales, The National Museum Wales seeks to educate about various topics

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City of Rotterdam

Through a series of interactive ebooks, the city of Rotterdam wants to educate its inhabitants about the fascinating subsoil

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Yogoskenz is a yoga trainer, mother, and influencer, enjoying a significant presence on Instagram

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Choose from a Wide Variety of Templates

Enjoy a wide selection of templates to help you kickstart your ebook, ensuring a well-crafted design and format. Each template is easy to use and fully customizable.


What Our Customers Say About Kotobee


Leann M.


“Start a free trial today and you'll be hooked and Ebooked. Kotobee Author provides one of the simplest start-to- finish for creating a formatted, engaging, and branded Ebook. Interactive content allows me to engage my readers with video, audio and more.”


Younes B.

Full Time Translator

“I consider myself a small local press and it helped me reduce the cost of production by a whopping 80%. The books that I make using this software run across all devices and platforms. This is a very useful feature in this era of multimedia and omnichannel marketing.”


Theresa K.

Writer and filmmaker

“I was able finally to publish my Arabic short stories book. I needed to include videos of the cities I visited in the stories and Kotobee author was the solution for publishing the book in multimedia form.”

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