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Our Story

Kotobee was created to make books interactive and engaging.

When we first began creating digital publishing solutions in 2011, the digital publishing industry severely lagged behind. While online content and mobile apps had become increasingly interactive and personalized for users, digital publications remained static and dull. Only organizations and authors with budgets for expensive software agencies could create beautiful and engaging books for their readers.

We believe that anyone with an idea to write should have a way to do it.

We set out to create a way for anyone regardless of financial means or coding ability, to be able to bring their ideas to life for their readers. We created an authoring tool, that allows anyone to quickly and easily add interactive content to books, with no coding. We added to the software support for 19 languages. Finally, we made the software and basic features free.

Kotobee protects publications with DRM security.

With the advent of EPUB, piracy skyrocketed. Bestsellers were first targeted, but others followed soon afterward. Cracks were released daily for every ebook platform. Kotobee provides optional Cloud services to ensure works are protected with device DRM. Authors and publishers have ultimate control, with the ability to lock out any account and even any device.

The Kotobee Team is dedicated to serve.

When customers ask for features, we add them. When customers asked for a WooCommerce plugin for WordPress, we made it. When customers ask for help designing ebooks, writing creative scripts, or anything else we don’t back down. As of 2018, Kotobee Services now provides consultations, design, scripting, conversion, and deployment.

We reach out to support and serve writers and self-publishers everywhere. The Kotobee Blog publishes in-house and guest articles to help writers and nonwriters along the process of creative production with tips and resources from the first stages of writing and creating interactive ebooks, to self-publishing, sales, and promotion.

We aim to be where customers need us, the way they need us. Self-help support and videos, one-on-one live demos and chats, community forums and social media.

Kotobee is dynamic.

In 2016, Kotobee Author replaced its predecessor BookBake. Customers lead the way to the development of Kotobee as it is today. Kotobee platform is now the premier end-to-end solution for creating, managing, and delivering interactive ebooks, apps, and ebook libraries.

We removed the shackles of static software with open script editors for HTML, CSS, and JS, opening the doors for authors to insert scripts. As a result, there are virtually no limits to what an ebook can do.

Ourselves, we are dynamic individuals who grow every day. Everyone who joins the Kotobee Team cultivates new skills within the same career or branching into new careers: from a graphic designer into a back-end developer. In a dynamic environment, we can grow in any direction with no limits.

We want everyone to love reading.

We want to make sure that anyone can access our writers’ ebooks. So we made certain that books created in Kotobee, can be exported to any format for any device, with 15 ebook formats, from standard PDFs and EPUBs to SCORM packages, apps, and ebook libraries.

We created The Kotobee Shared Library , a free ebook library, so anyone can publish books free of cost, now with more than 1000 books in 4 languages.

We created Kotobee Reader, an app with a customizable reading environment, so everyone can be comfortable with the font size, the display, and the overall reading experience.

We added social share buttons inside ebook apps and libraries to help make reading viral again.

Kotobee Platform

The Kotobee platform, launched in 2016, is an end-to-end solution to create, manage and deliver interactive ebooks in multiple formats for countless platforms and devices.

Four Kotobee products and services comprise the Kotobee Platform: Kotobee Author, Kotobee Cloud, Kotobee Library and Kotobee Reader.

Kotobee Author

Kotobee Author is a desktop authoring software for creating and publishing interactive ebooks.

Kotobee Cloud

Kotobee Cloud is a collection of options and services for efficiently hosting ebooks, managing user access to ebooks, syncing user data, and protecting books from piracy.

Kotobee Library

Kotobee Library is a solution for creating, publishing, and managing ebook libraries and digital bookshelves. Kotobee Library comes with all the services provided in Kotobee Cloud.

Kotobee Reader

Kotobee Reader is a customizable ebook reader embedded in all Kotobee ebook apps and libraries. It is also available as a standalone app for download from the App Store and Google Playstore.

Kotobee Services

Kotobee Services is a series of services to help writers along the path from inception to completion of ebooks, ebook apps, and ebook libraries. Clients select from one to all services: consultation, design, conversion, scripting, and deployment. Clients provide the text, Kotobee does the rest.

Facts & Figures


  • Winner of the Academics' Choice Awards (2016 Smart Media Award)
  • Endorsed by the UNDP


  • Over 60,000 current users
  • Over 1,200 new users joining each month
  • Users from over 200 countries
  • Users from K12, Higher Education, Corporate Training, and Publishing

Kotobee Blog

  • Over 25,000 visitors every month.
  • From over 200 countries.
  • Over 150 articles.


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