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User access control

User access control

Control who can access your ebook either by email identity or promo codes.

Notes on the cloud

Notes on the cloud

Sync all your readers' notes, bookmarks, and highlights on the cloud.

Efficient ebook hosting

Efficient ebook hosting

Host on the cloud, track versions, and make immediate changes to your ebook.

Integrate with Wordpress

Integrate with Wordpress

Use our Wordpress plugin or Developer API to sell ebook access from your own website.

Security and DRM

Security and DRM

Encode your content for security, and limit the number of unique devices per reader.

LMS LTI integration

LMS LTI integration

Reuse user login information from other systems, with the help of LTI.

Cloud ebooks give you great control

Turn any of your books into a cloud ebook and gain advantage of the user control and synchronization options. Export the same book to different platforms and formats, while sharing the same user login information. Your users will see all their previously saved notes and annotations, despite the device or platform. Add or remove users anytime, using only their email address.

Learn more about cloud ebooks

Third Party Integrations

Use our list of free plugins to integrate with popular online services.

Wordpress WooCommerce Memberful Shopify Zapier

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Tin-Can API

Use Tin-Can API (aka xAPI) to monitor your users' activity and capture data into your LRS Repository. For more information about Tin Can API, click here.

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