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Enhance students’ learning with interactive textbooks and courses

  • Reconnect your students with the joy of learning.
  • keep your students engaged at all times with interactive textbooks.

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High Student Engagement

Whether you’re teaching in a blended learning classroom or a remote learning environment, you can motivate and engage your students through using interactive content such as interactive quizzes, video, voice-over, and various book apps.

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Effective Learning

All exported elearning ebooks will be embedded with interactive reading tools to help your students better enhance their learning experience through note-taking, highlighting important text, bookmarking chapters, and more.

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Control Students Access

Manage access to your courses and elearning material through multiple options. You can make certain courses available for everyone, and you can also easily control students’ access to different classes and courses at any time.

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LMS Integration

Integrate your school’s elearning ebooks with your existing LMS (e.g. Moodle or Blackboard) using SCORM, LTI, and Tin Can API (xAPI) technologies, and benefit from many extra features such as viewing students’ activities reports and single sign-on for everyone.

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Learn Offline and Across Devices

Students can enjoy their learning experience online and offline. This gives them the opportunity to study anytime and anywhere without restrictions. They can also learn across multiple devices: web, desktop, tablets, or mobile.

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Branded Library App

Store and organize all your digital learning materials in one custom-library app. You can easily incorporate your University’s logo and branding into your ebooks or library.

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Success Stories

How professors use Kotobee to create interactive ebooks

Colorado State University

The Computer Assisted Teaching Support (CATS) Lab at Colorado State University assists and instructs faculty

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Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech Professors Create the World’s First Interactive Multimedia Textbook on 5G

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ACLM Successfully Sells Multilingual Ebooks Using Kotobee

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Choose from a Wide Variety of Templates

Enjoy a wide selection of templates to help you kickstart your ebook, ensuring a well-crafted design and format. Each template is easy to use and fully customizable.


What Our Customers Say About Kotobee


Prad Duraisamy

Educational Technology Manage

“Kotobee is an easy-to-use platform for users of any skill level. We were able to deliver content on both online and offline modes while retaining the interactive elements, thus allowing learning to take place anytime and anywhere. It is rich with elements that can transform traditional learning into blended learning.”


Geraldine C.


“It is very helpful in the creation of e- books. It features interactive elements such as the option to link to other websites for more learning. The product is of course easier to use. Its features are very helpful to teachers who are not very good at using LMS like me. It is a very friendly platform for creating modules, DIM, etc.”

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