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Explore all the features you need, to create rich interactive ebook experiences.


Brand your ebook app with your color scheme and logo. Remove any mention of Kotobee.

popup image Branding

Interactive content

Engage your readers with interactive content, such as video, audio, image click-animations, self-assessment questions, book widgets, and more!

popup image popup image Interactive content

Export to any format

Export to more than 12 different ebook formats, including mobile apps. Explore all export formats.

Export to any format

Custom reading experience

Provide a unique reading experience through tool and display options of your choice.

popup image popup image popup image Custom reading experience

Import from external sources

Import from PDF, HTML, Word, EPUB files, or start creating from scratch.

popup image popup image Import from external sources

Synced Audio

Insert audio and sync it to text for highlighting.

popup image Synced Audio

LMS integration

Use SCORM, LTI, or Tin Can to integrate with your organization's LMS.

popup image LMS integration

Safe with EPUB standard

Open your project in any other EPUB editor. You're not locked to Kotobee Author.

Safe with EPUB standard

Advanced editing tools

Edit your content using HTML, JS, and CSS.

popup image Advanced editing tools

Smart preview

Emulate an interactive version of your ebook app on more than 20 different devices.

popup image popup image Smart preview

Management hub for Kotobee Cloud, and Kotobee Library

Manage all aspects of your hosted ebooks, cloud ebooks, and libraries seamlessly through Kotobee Author.

Management hub for Kotobee Cloud, and Kotobee Library

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