Privacy Policy

Authoring Software

You own the rights of exports.

We provide license-based authoring software that export assets of certain formats, whether they be documents, apps, ebooks, images, etc. By default, we do not inject any restrictions into these exports. With the exception of Kotobee Cloud, once the authoring software expires, the exports remain active to you, to use as you wish for lifetime.

If the exports for a certain software are tied with our system, such as the case with Kotobee Cloud, this will be explicitly mentioned in the purchase page of the software.


You may request a refund if you believe you were mislead.

All our software products provide a trial or free version that can be used before placing a purchase for one of the license options. The trial/free versions do show a substantial set of features that can lead the user fairly to the decision of whether the software suits his needs. Updates to our platform are not reason for users to request refunds of credits, particularly for the case of mobile app export. Republishing to a platform requiring credis (e.g. mobile app) will still deduct credits from the user's available quota. In some special cases however, the user may feel he has been mislead into purchasing (e.g. for reasons of language barriers). For such scenarios, an investigation is made and the user's case is received and studied. If we feel that his case is justifiable, a full or partial refund is issued.


We collect but do not link personal and activity data.

We use technologies like cookies (small files stored by your browser), web beacons, or unique device identifiers to anonymously identify your computer or device so we can deliver a better experience. Our systems also log information like your browser, operating system and IP address.


We do not store or share your precise location.

We do not use or collect your precise geographic location.


You can request to see your personal data.

You can sign into your account to see any personally identifiable information we have stored, such as your name, email, address or phone number. You can also contact us by email to request to see this information.


We may keep data indefinitely.

Yes, we may keep data indefinitely.


We don't share your personal data with other companies.

We generally do not share personally identifiable information (such as name, address, email or phone) with other companies.


You can ask privacy questions.

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policies, please contact our head company:


Service providers access data on our behalf.

In order to serve you, we may share your personal and anonymous information with other companies, including vendors and contractors. Their use of information is limited to these purposes, and subject to agreements that require them to keep the information confidential. Our vendors provide assurance that they take reasonable steps to safeguard the data they hold on our behalf, although data security cannot be guaranteed.

Analytics companies may access anonymous data (such as your IP address or device ID) to help us understand how our services are used. They use this data solely on our behalf. They do not share it except in aggregate form; no data is shared as to any individual user. Click to see company privacy policies that govern their use of data.


We take steps to protect personal information.

We take reasonable steps to secure your personally identifiable information against unauthorized access or disclosure. We encrypt transmission of data on pages where you provide payment information. However, no security or encryption method can be guaranteed to protect information from hackers or human error.

Information we collect may be stored or processed on computers located in any country where we do business.