Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 18-06-2023

The following terms and conditions govern your use of the products and services offered by Kotobee. These offerings may be paid or non-paid. For information on how we collect data and your privacy rights, please read our Privacy Policy. If you are using this software on behalf of an organization, you are still bound to these terms and conditions.

Authored Content

Kotobee provides the technology and support to create, publish, and deliver interactive ebooks in various formats. Although you are using our product and platform, we hold no responsibility over the type of content you are publishing. Crimes related to copyrights, piracy, plagiarism, and content theft are entirely your responsibility. You retain ownership of your content and agree to respond to any legal inquiries received due to the latter. If content published on our Kotobee Shared Library appears offensive through inappropriate graphic, racist, hateful, or sexual content, it may be removed without warning.

No warranty

The products and services offered within are provided as is. Free or trial licenses are provided for testing the features expected in paid licenses. Updates to Kotobee may be made immediately with or without prior notice.


You may take advantage of exports from the free/trial licenses for commercial and non-commercial usage. You must not hide any Kotobee logos, watermarks, or information from interested parties. Doing so will make us ban your account and possibly take legal action.

When registering for any plan (free/paid) you must always enter accurate information about yourself. Accounts with gibberish profile information may be requested to re-enter the information. If the behavior is repeated, in the worst cases you will be banned from using our services.

Our products and software are to be used acceptably within the limits of natural human usage. Users who are inappropriately congesting or harming our servers, may be banned.

You may never use another user's account without permission.

You may not disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer the product or service or attempt or assist anyone else to do so.


Your service is active as long as you pay for your subscriptions on a timely basis. You may receive reminder emails to pay on time. If you go five days past your due payment date without making the payment, we may have your account deactivated, while your data (ebooks, libraries, cloud books) would still be saved privately on our servers. After two weeks from deactivation, if the payment is still not made, then we have the right to permanently delete your data.

It is our internal decision to turn a free service into a paid service, and vice versa, at anytime. In such cases, we will give a 30-day notice, before requesting a subscription payment (if applicable).


All our software products provide a trial or free version that can be used and tested before deciding to place a purchase for one of the paid plans. The trial/free versions do show a substantial set of features that can lead the user fairly to the decision of whether or not the software suits his needs. Even with mobile app exports, the user may export a watermarked app for testing without being obliged to spend any of his purchased credits. Once the user is comfortable with the result, he may export an app (free of any watermarks), which will consume (deduct) an app credit from his account.

Unless otherwise mentioned for a plan on the pricing page, there will be no refunds for purchased licenses. In some special cases, however, the user may feel he has been misled into purchasing for various reasons (e.g. language barriers, or failure to run on their system). In such scenarios, an investigation is made and the user's case is studied. Merely claiming that they have found better software is entirely unacceptable. If we feel that the case is justifiable, a full or partial refund is issued.


You are free to stop using any subscribed service at any time. We reserve the right to suspend or end any trial or free package at any time at our discretion and without notice. We may also terminate or suspend your access to the subscribed service at any time if you are not complying with these Terms and Conditions, or if you are using the Service in an abnormal manner that may cause us financial or legal liability.


The products and services may be modified from time to time and without prior notice. In almost all cases, the modifications are for your own benefit. If you are not satisfied with a modification, you may inform our support agents, revert to an older version, or end your subscription. You do not have the right to undo any modifications made.


We may provide you with legal notices and notices related to your account via email using the email address associated with your account. We may provide you with other marketing or business-related information, including information about product/service updates or changes, via email.

Access to AI Tools and Usage Quota

Access to Kotobeeā€™s AI tools is subject to a monthly quota. Each user is allocated a specific limit of usage per month. The usage quota includes the number of generations, regenerations, or any other metric applicable to the AI tool. Once the monthly quota is reached, access to the AI tool may be temporarily suspended until the start of the next month or until an additional quota is purchased. Users are responsible for monitoring their usage and ensuring compliance with the quota limits specified. Kotobee reserves the right to enforce the quota limits and take appropriate actions to prevent unauthorized or excessive usage. By using the AI tools, you agree to abide by the allocated monthly quota and any applicable terms and conditions related to its usage.