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Explore features to help you set up your own branded library app today.


Brand your ebook app with your color scheme and logo. Remove any mention of Kotobee.


Convenient content management

Upload ebooks to your library in bulk. Download and apply changes to any ebook in your library easily, and track versions.

popup image popup image popup image Convenient content management

Category management

Created nested categories and genres for your ebooks, and use them to better manage user access.

popup image Category management

Custom reading experience

Provide a unique reading experience through tool and display options of your choice.

popup image popup image popup image Custom reading experience

Export to any format

Export to more than 12 different ebook formats, including mobile apps.

Export to any format

User access control

Control who can access your ebook either by email identity or promo codes.

Explore more security features.
popup image popup image User access control

Email templates

Customize the language, header and footer of emails going to your library users. You may even edit email body templates entirely.

popup image popup image Email templates

Notes on the cloud

Sync all your readers' notes, bookmarks, and highlights on the cloud.

popup image Notes on the cloud

Offline support

At the absence of an internet connection, your library app can show your user’s downloaded ebooks, to read offline.

Offline support

Collaboration tools

Share your library with administrators, authors, and collaborators. Specify which permissions you would like to give each.

popup image Collaboration tools

Add users in bulk

Import users in bulk through an Excel sheet, with fine control over each user's permissions.

popup image popup image Add users in bulk

Instant notifications

Stay up to date and aware of your library’s activities by receiving instant email or push notifications.

popup image Instant notifications

Analytics dashboard

Analyze user activity and engagement with your content.

popup image popup image Analytics dashboard

For Enterprises

Deploy the entire library backend system onto your own server, and remove any limits and restrictions, such as maximum number of books or users. This way, full control is under your fingertips. The backend system includes the codebase and database for managing all aspects of the library. You will still need to use Kotobee Author as your management control panel. For inquiries and requests, please make your submissions through our contact form.

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