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The ebook field is growing, and attracting many big stakeholders. Ebooks and libraries are now a compliment to any elearning/education solution developed for any institute. It is impossible for any company to dominate this field while stay up to date with cutting edge technology. This is why we believe in partnerships. Through different partnership models, everyone focuses on what he does best, giving a successful result of all efforts combined. Through partnerships, everyone's a winner!

We are in search of partners in different localities working closely in the Education industry. One of our different partnership models will be suitable for each applying company, after reviewing their record.

Our partners work under one of the following partnership models

Model Description
Referral This is the simplest and easiest type of partnership and the partner does not necessarily need to be a company. The partner will refer customers to Kotobee products, and compensated for successful sales coming through those referrals.
Reseller The partner sells Kotobee products in his region for special prices, and optionally provides the support and after-sales services. The partner will be compensated by the end of every month.
Revenue-share In this model, exceptional projects will be fully or partially endorsed by Kotobee, in exchange for a revenue-share of the project.
Education Partner The partner is a recognized training provider in the region, and proficient with one or more Kotobee products. The partner will be referenced by Kotobee to provide training services to clients in his region.
Integration Partner The partner has built a business around Kotobee products, and has shown strong experience using it. The partner will receive special prices, support, be referenced for incoming projects, and become listed as an Integration partner.

If you're interested in partnering with us, we'd love to hear from you. Please reach us through our contact form.

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