Factors to Consider When Pricing Your Ebook

Unless you’re a particularly confident author, deciding on a retail price for your ebook can be a daunting task. Like any creative art, it’s difficult to place a credible value on your work that helps you make a tidy profit off your manuscript, without scaring away potential readers.

Whereas it would be nice if we could all charge the sort of prices that the likes of Stephen King, Veronica Roth or Danielle Steel can, authors just starting out on their writing warpath often have to go for much lower prices.

How to price your ebook

With this in mind, below are nine pointers you can use to help you pinpoint the ideal price for your ebook. They act as a series of questions that you need to ask yourself to encourage new readers to approach your work. You will soon find yourself striking that all important balance between earning money from your work and reaching out to old and new readers.

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Why Interactive Ebooks Are Your Best Teaching Resource

Technology is continuously becoming more and more dependable in our day-to-day operations. Whether it’s in social life, work, research and so on, dependency on technology is certainly on the rise.

Take education, for instance. Whiteboards have evolved to SMART boards, homework is being assigned and collected through online platforms, and the once-banned smartphones and tablets are now encouraged to use in the classroom. Also, due to remote learning technologies and platforms, people can now access what they want to learn through a multitude of channels, whenever they want.


This presents numerous opportunities to both small and large educational publishers to create their own platforms aimed at supplying the rising demand for digital learning.

In today’s post, we’ll be discussing the ups and downs of ebook features; how they aid education efforts, as well as how they can be made more effective and their potential to distract learners from their goals.

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Publish Ebooks

Learning is a process that can never cease because it keeps those that are involved alive. However, the trends of learning have greatly improved and diversified to so many phases and platforms.

In this age of constant technological advancement, so many strategies of reaching and impacting learners have also come into play.

One of the easiest and most adopted means of digital learning in this era are ebooks. In this article I will be discussing five tangible reasons why you need to publish an ebook now more than ever.

digital publishing ebooks - kotobee blog

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July’s Events for Authors and Publishers [2017]

As the summer rolls in, July welcomes us with an impressive lineup of events targeted for authors and publishers. Between book fairs, publishing events, writers’ retreats and conferences, we list 11 events in July 2017 that matter to authors and publishers across the globe.


This brief article will help you plan what book fairs, publishing events, conferences, workshops and retreats you want to organize your month around, as well as where to find more info on each event.

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Creating a Technologically Balanced Classroom

Flexible learning platforms, including elearning and digitized classrooms, are just the latest innovative uses of technology in many parts of the world. Whereas it has opened up new ways of learning to students, the debate rages on as to whether technology in the classroom is really such a great idea.

But as with everything in life, a fine balance can be achieved in your classroom, so your students can really gain the best of both worlds. Just like traditional forms of learning, technology also has its place in the modern learning context.


Below are a few pros and cons to consider in deciding how far technology can creep into your lesson plans. So there’s no need to become a techie luddite quite yet – read on!

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How to Build a Business Around Your Writing

There’s nothing quite like turning a passion into a real, paying gig. Few people are lucky enough to be able to turn their favorite pastime into something that successfully pays the bills.

But if this is something you’re looking to do with you’re writing (and you certainly wouldn’t be the first to make a go of it), there are a couple of things you can do to write your way to success.

how to build a business around your writing

When we talk about building a business around your writing, we don’t just mean success as a freelancer or part-timer. We’re talking fully-fledged writing to the point where you’d be ready to establish a company based on creating written content.

Below is a set of twelve pointers that will help you get your full-time writing career off to a flying start.

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The Zen of Writing: Tools for Writing

Have you ever been charged with an idea? Maybe you were talking to someone and the conversation elicited a great idea or thought. Or you were reading something and an entire idea opened up in your mind. We are sparked with ideas and new thoughts all the time, but how often do we write these ideas and thoughts down? How often do we revisit them so that we can elaborate?

zen of writing - tools for writing

This article discusses the tools needed for writing. In the next part, we’ll be discussing the meditation methods you can use to dive deep into a writing mode.

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Engaging Elearning Tools in the Classroom

In the not too distant past, a student’s classroom experience meant they were weighed down by heavy textbooks that didn’t necessarily engage them in learning. If they were lucky, their most “interactive” learning experience with technology might have been the odd interaction with barely legible script on a projector.

Fortunately for students now, technology is grabbing its place and turning the classroom into a more fun and interactive participatory experience. Gone are the days of yawning at the back of the class over a dog-eared textbook, with a much bigger focus now on practical hands-on learning through activities and use of technology than there is through textbooks.

engaging elearning tools in the classroom

Classroom technology is essentially  an enhanced way of helping you help your students engage with the information and learn more effectively. Below are 10 ideas to make learning more inclusive and fun.

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June’s Events for Authors and Publishers [2017]

While May was crowded with events, June isn’t far from the same density of overcrowded book-goodness overload. Several of May’s events will even be pouring over to the next month.

June is another month full of great events for authors and publishers of all categories. As schools and universities across the world close their doors for the summer, we list 12 events in June 2017 that matter to authors and publishers across the globe.


This brief article will help you plan what book fairs, publishing events, conferences, workshops and retreats you want to organize your month around, as well as where to find more info on each event.

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Why You Should Create a Mobile Learning Platform

Mobile phones are quickly replacing many items that were previously thought to be irreplaceable. Consider, for example; cameras, calculators, watches, alarm clocks, radios, portable video devices, magazines, newspapers, etc. All of these items can now be stored on your mobile device – comfortably resting in your pocket.

Today, a large number of users have also switched from reading printed documents, to reading digitized content through mobile devices, whether they’re reading fiction, non-fiction, short stories, etc. A growing trend in recent years, is the utilization of mobile-based learning. This incorporates everything from fully-fledged and heavily sponsored library apps, to standalone MOOC software, to educational game apps and individual course hosting.

how and why to create a mobile learning platform

People are shifting towards doing everything they can while on-the-go. In many ways, they can be encouraged to even study and learn through their phones. Mobile learning is definitely on the rise, and in this article we explore the pros and cons of mobile learning while also offering our own insight to establishing your mobile learning strategy, along with a handful of tools you can utilize to start creating your own mobile learning platform.

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