The Ebook Author’s Guide To Choosing Images

As the author of your book, you probably feel that the words you select are not only key to express concepts and feelings, but they also define the quality and sales potential of  your book.  Seasoned publishers will tell you that the images you select can go further for you in sales, than the nit picky selection of words and phrases.  Although it may seem intuitive for cover images, it’s also true for the images and diagrams you select inside your ebook.


Selecting images for an ebook means following a completely different set of rules and guidelines than for print books. You’ll find more limitations with the ebook cover, yet limitless possibilities within your ebook. However you decide to use them, images and illustrations are a crucial part of your ebook and will affect your sales. Get the right visuals in order to create a cohesive and compelling ebook people are likely to recommend — here’s how to make it happen.

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Writers’ Retreats: The Place to Be

If you haven’t been to a writers’ retreat before, this is the year to go. With bountiful numbers of writers’ retreats the world over, you’re thoroughly spoilt for choice! Take time to glean advice and take inspiration from those in the know, wherever you go.

writers retreats

No matter how far you are in the writing process, there’s a retreat for you. Need inspiration? Have the ideas, but need isolation to write? Started writing, but keep hitting blocks and need a push? Nearly finished your manuscript, but need intensive editing advice from an expert? Finished writing and want to pick the minds of agents? Each retreat pushes you along the path of creative production. Scroll down to find the writers’ retreat for you, all within the next 6 months.

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10 Tips To Make Your Dialogues Memorable

Writing a story is like running a marathon. You spend days and hours preparing for it, practicing, falling down and standing up–in order to be ready for the real thing. If you do a great job preparing yourself for the ultimate race, you’re bound to succeed. Writers need a lot of practice and the preparation phase is crucial. There needs to be planning, draft after draft and word after word. In the midst of the sweat and worry, come narration, first-person, third person, and dialogues.

A dialogue is what keeps a story vivid, realistic and relatable. It’s important to know exactly how to write quality dialogue and make your characters come alive. When do I add dialogue? How do I make the dialogues sound real, natural, and convincing?  Why do my dialogues sound fake and forced? What makes dialogues memorable?

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Essential Hacks to Become a Great Self-Publisher

Self-publishing is an uphill climb for any self-aware author. In a market space flooded by several publishing houses and authors, going it alone is quite a challenge. Succeeding needs hard work and time learning the ins-and outs of being a self-publisher. In order to sell enough copies, it is essential to understand the market in a manner that is different from the perspective of an author under a publishing house. To become great, every published author learned these hacks.


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Where’s Your Favorite Writers Retreats

It’s that time of year, when everyone needs to get away. Time to unplug, reflect, write and convene with other creative minds. We know how you feel, because we feel the same way. So we’re putting together a list of all the places writers go to unwind, re-balance, and refuel. Some of these writers retreats incorporate hefty workshops, others give you the time and space to become creative again.

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5 Tips for Self-Publishers in International Markets

Self-publishing can be a complex matter. Whether it is for a novel, a piece of non-fiction, or even for an e-book that you want to monetize, there is a great deal of marketing involved.

In order to get the most out of your book, you should consider international markets. You will gain a wider audience and increase opportunities to generate revenue. But just as it takes effort and time to market your book in your home country, it will be even more complex to target foreign audiences. The payoff, though, can be good, if you do it right.

explore international

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Six Reasons Why a Chromebook Is the Perfect College Laptop

Gone are the days when buying a reliable notebook for college meant breaking the bank. Today, the market is swarming with laptops that are perfectly capable of getting you through school, at a price that won’t deplete your college fund in one sweep.

Among the many choices at your disposal are Chromebooks; a relatively new breed of laptops that run Google’s Chrome OS. Essentially the Chrome browser disguised as an operating system, Chrome OS is designed to centralize all your work under one platform: your Google account. This means that nearly all applications are web-based, storing their data in the cloud.

It’s understandable if this dependence on the Internet comes as off-putting, but that hasn’t stopped the Chromebook from achieving mainstream popularity. In fact, Chromebooks outsold Macs for the first time in 2016, and as Gartner predicts, sales will have grown by 16.3 percent by the end of 2017.

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The Amazing World of Elearning [Infographic]

Long gone are the days when you could only learn in a classroom or at college. Traditional methods of learning are certainly still important, but as the internet has increased in popularity, we have seen a new type of learning methodology develop – elearning. Let’s put a definition. Elearning (short for electronic learning) represents studies and education facilitated using electronic technology without the need for the confines of a physical classroom.

The cost of elearning, in comparison, is a fraction of what you would pay for a teacher and educational course. For example, the online course website Udemy often offers an extravagant 90% off Udemy discount for many of their courses, temporarily bringing the price way down and giving you a great deal.

The idea behind elearning has actually been around since the 1960’s when the first computer based instruction system was developed. Since then, various types of elearning programs, software, and technology has been created.

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8 Strange Habits Well-Known Writers Formed to Write Better

Almost every writer suffers from mental block once in a while. It does not matter whether you are new to it or you’ve had experience writing, there are times that your mind will refuse to work. For those who have been in this profession for a long time, they have come up with ways to counter what is commonly known as writers’ block. It is a craft that requires one to possess remarkable will and resilience for them to be successful. Renowned writers have devised bizarre traditions and habits before starting on a novel or article. According to them, they stand out from the rest because of these traditions they follow. The trick is in what drives you to want to reach your full potential and also puts you at ease and in the right mind frame to work.

Mastering a daily routine could be the key to unlocking your full writing potential. Here are some of the things accomplished writers do before starting to write. Continue Reading

Ways To Start Building Your Freelance Writing Career

Freelancing has gained popularity in recent years. People are tired of dull jobs that don’t allow them to utilize their own skills. They want to build their own schedule and work on their own time.

People who love to write, especially, find their dream job in the freelancing world.

This is all great in theory. But in reality, being a freelancer takes much more work than a regular job would. Along with all of those things that come later in your freelancing career, you first need to build a good foundation and set yourself up for success. This isn’t easy, but it does pay off.

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