Your Guide To Ebook Ecommerce For 2018

Your expertise is a viable product you can sell in ebook form. The popularity of ebook readers and smartphone apps like iBooks have made the process of starting your publishing empire easy. Experts predict that by 2018, the ebook market could be worth more than $8 billion per year.

guide to ebook ecommerce 2018

If you can add a selection of titles, each drawing in regular downloads, you can start to create a passive income. Alternatively, if you are a business, you can use your ebooks to attract worldwide sales and interest to your brand.

Of course initially, you may need to invest significant time in creating your title, maybe a smidge of starting capital (although this can be the price of a monthly subscription fee).

Read on to find out more in our guide to ebook ecommerce for 2018.

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30 World-famous Authors’ Debut Novels

Authors often gain fame for just one or two works written well into their careers – even if they already have an extensive collection under their belts. It’s a lucky author, indeed, who achieves fame and fortune from their first published work.

Below is a list of debut works by now world-famous authors – some of which gained their authors instant fame.

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7 Golden Tips for Smoother Ebook User Interface

Unfortunately, not every ebook author realizes just how important user-friendly interfaces are for their ebook. Even if you do realize this point, making usability happen can seem a little bit overwhelming amongst all the other things you might have to think about.

golden tips for ebook user interface (ui)

In a day and age where technology is breaking down boundaries, it’s easy to forget that an ebook’s user-friendliness can all too often be its make-or-break feature. A truly user-friendly ebook ensures that readers:

  • Leave with the key pieces of information stuck firmly in their minds;
  • Have an easy time making sense of how the ebook works and what they are meant to be doing with it;
  • And have access to an optimum level of interaction.

Below are seven golden tips you can follow through with to ensure that your awesomely interactive ebook is a hit!

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Book Fairs in November 2017

As we’re reaching the end of another year, many dedicated individuals and communities are preparing their plans for next years’ book fairs, conferences, workshops, writing retreats, publishing events, and so on. Whether you’re planning to attend or host any such events, you’d need to stay in the loop.

However, this year isn’t over yet! Scroll down to see this month’s top book fairs around the world, and don’t miss our important announcement at the bottom of the article!

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9 Things to Do Before You Get Published

Getting ready to publish your book can be an extremely exciting time. Months and months of hard work has gone into this beloved creation of yours. Sleepless nights, tight budgets and stress-filled days that have made you want to give up but now the light at the end of the tunnel is finally within reach.

However, it’s so important that you don’t rush this stage, especially after you have worked so hard to get where you are today. To help you make the most of this amazing experience that lays before you, here are nine things you should do before you finally get published, making the whole experience a lot less stressful and a whole lot more enjoyable.

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5 Steps to Convert Your PDF to a TRULY Interactive Ebook

You’ve finished the hard part, writing your manuscript and melding together text and images to create that perfect final draft. Now that you’ve saved your future ebook as a PDF file, it’s time to convert it into a highly effective (and usable) interactive ebook. Any text document can be converted into an EPUB format and readable on virtually every device.

pdf to interactive ebook

There are, however, just a few steps that you need to perform on the way to getting that ebook on the road. Fortunately for you, each step is extremely simple and easy to perform, with very little need for learning extra skills. All it takes is just a beady eye to winkle out any slippery grammar and spelling mistakes, a bit of planning and voila!

We’ll guide you through the five steps you need to follow to convert any PDF manuscript into a highly-engaging interactive ebook. If you’re not sure whether your ebook should be an EPUB or PDF, you should give this handy article a read: EPUB vs PDF: The Battle of the Formats

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10 Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Published Books

Every now and then we see a celebrity make a foray into the lands of literature. We’ve seen actors, singers, reality-TV stars and more decide to try their skills at word-crafting and publishing.

10 Celebrities You Probably Didn't Know Published Books - celebrities who published books

While many fail miserably, a few have emerged victorious, even authoring series of books in some cases. Scroll through this list for some surprising first books by celebrities!

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7 Best Ebooks For The Budding Entrepreneur

Whether you’re a well seasoned professional, fresh out of college, enjoying your retirement, or yet to even complete your studies, you’re among the many millions of people across the world who’ve decided to take control of their working life and map out their own business model: in short, you’re a budding entrepreneur.

young entrepreneur

Setting up your own business is an exciting, exhausting and terrifying process: you may be a sole entrepreneur, but no matter how many people you are working with it’s easy to feel as though you are the only person to have ever set up their own business.
But you’re not alone.

There have been many entrepreneurs before, and lots of them have committed their experiences and advice to an ebook. Some of the texts floating out there on Amazon are good, some are bad, and some are just plain ugly; and it can be difficult to distinguish between those that will save you time and those that will cost you time.

Below we list the 7 best ebooks for the budding entrepreneurs – or, more accurately, for you.

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When Should Your Ebook NOT Be Interactive

By now, it’s a well-established view that interactive ebooks are a great tool for use in schools and universities. They help students improve their learning capabilities, and access far more information than was previously possible with printed books. This is primarily because interactivity allows readers to access the information they need, when they want, and allows them to access other platforms as well.

But even interactive ebooks can have their downsides, particularly when it comes to issues such as usability. Users may also experience issues relating to how they can access and make use of the information outside of an interactive format.

Below are four key pointers that highlight just when interactive ebooks may not be the solution to the problem.

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October’s Events for Authors and Publishers [2017]

As the fall rolls in, October welcomes us with an impressive lineup of events targeted for authors and publishers. Between book fairs, publishing events, writers’ retreats and conferences, we list 13 events in October 2017 that matter to authors and publishers across the globe.

This article will help you plan what book fairs, publishing events, conferences, workshops and retreats you want to organize your month around, as well as where to find more info on each event.

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