April’s Events for Authors and Publishers [2017]

It’s no April fools’, but this month is actually racked with an impressive lineup of events targeted for authors and publishers. Maybe they know how much we love spring after a long cold winter, and plan to catch us in a good mood.


This brief article will help you plan what book fairs, publishing events, conferences, workshops and retreats you want to organize your month around, as well as where to find more info on each event.

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Feature List for Kotobee Author v1.3.1

We have just updated the Kotobee platform this afternoon to v1.3.1. Although this release was planned to focus on onboarding features for new users, and give a more friendly first-impression, it has evolved into much more than that. There is plenty of value in this release even if you’re an advanced user. The improvements range from analytics, to mobile app exports, to library settings. Some features would be rather difficult to find, unless explicitly pointed out. So let me first list and explain some of the obvious features, and proceed to the less-obvious ones. Continue Reading

5 Hacks for Creating a More Engaging Ebook

The potential for interactive ebooks and their valuable place in engaging users is not a new concept, every day there are new technological and creative innovations in ebooks. As far as the author is concerned, this creates endless possibilities to engage their readers positively. There’s plenty writers can do to make their digital books worth every electronic page they are ‘written’ on.


Below are five simple hacks that you can use to make your books more engaging for readers and users, whether it’s a textbook, cookbook or novel you’re writing. All can be adapted for the age-group you write for, and can be made an invaluable and exciting part of the book.

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How to Attend Writers’ Conferences for Less (or Free)

Finding the perfect conference, writer’s retreat or exhibition to attend is the easy part. And as an author, especially when you’re at the beginning of your writing career, you’ve been told that it’s one of the most important ways to network and learn from the experts.


Seeing the price-tag, however, can put the break on attending! It can be almost prohibitively expensive – where do you find the money? Fear not as help is at hand! Whether it’s by planning in advance and working with colleagues and friends to take advantage of discounts, or by applying for grants, you can reduce expenditure.

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How to Monetize Your Large Author Following

A lot of people listen to you and like what you say. You have thousands of Twitter followers and probably even more on Facebook. Publishing and authoring are great noble fields to share information with others about, but why not make a living out of this effort too? Even if you’re not into publishing, this applies to you too.


Many people similar to you, continue to engage their audience with interesting relevant material, saving the chance when their sell-able product arises. Most people however, end up not making a cent out of this large following. What most don’t know, is that you can monetize this following without having your own product, and without sounding like a desperate salesman. And that, my friend, is called affiliate marketing.

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Great New Features in Kotobee Author v1.3.0

Just days ago, our platform has been updated. The release of v1.3.0 is perhaps the biggest collection of new features released for Kotobee Author in one shot. This includes new features for Kotobee Author, Cloud, and Reader.


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The Art of Writing Short Stories

Writing short stories is an excellent way of getting started as an author, whether you’re writing for adults or children, as it gives you the opportunity to flex your writing wings. You can also start getting your work published, whilst not having to worry about writing a great tome.

How to write a short story

But what are the key elements to creating highly readable short stories? Below are some top tips to consider as you plan that best-seller!

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Publishing in the Middle East: A turning point?

Crowds have been swarming like bees to a hive at the Arab world’s oldest book fair in Cairo this month. With access to just about every single book under the sun in one place, the Cairo International Book Fair has earned its well-deserved reputation for being a one-stop bookshop for readers and publishing houses alike.

what publishers said about Cairo book fair - publishing in the middle east - Cairo international book fair 2017

This year’s event, however, has also highlighted a growing concern for Egyptian publishing houses: how to bridge the cross over between printed books to ebooks workable. It’s hardly a new debate, with several mobile apps created in the past 10 years that support Arabic-language reading.

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Resources for Horror Writers: How to Spook ’em Right

You know that abandoned house at the end of your block? You know the one. It sits in shadows even on the brightest of days. Birds don’t even land in the yard, have you noticed? I’d tell you the key to a kickass horror novel is hidden in its depths, but that would be cruel and it might get you killed.


There are a lot of resources for horror writers that aren’t located in the bowels of a haunted house, you’ll be happy to know. Let me lay out a few. And if you want to go hunting for the key later, well, that’s not my problem.

Just beware the thing that lives under the stairs, okay?

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How to Capture a Young Reader’s Mind: 5 Essential Tips

As recently as ten years ago, children’s literature was in the doldrums, seen as a poor investment by publishers. When the Harry Potter books burst onto the scene, authors in the field saw their opportunities with young readers expand.

In fact, when the final Harry Potter installment was published in 2007, it was the fastest selling book ever recorded. The BBC reported that an estimated 15 million were sold in 24 hours. Since then, there’s been real interest in writing specifically for children.

5 essential writing tips for young readers

With greater opportunities opening up for children’s authors, it’s a perfect opportunity to take the step into writing specifically for children. Below are five essential steps you should consider when starting out in the children’s literature field.

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