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10 Unexpected Places That Can Inspire You to Write

If you’re like me, every time you step into an art museum, the years of emotions trapped in the borders of the lordly paintings and the quiet, reflective atmosphere, not only inspire you to write, but implore you to let their stories free. I get lost in the worlds of years past and my unharnessed imagination roams freely. But, apparently not everyone is like me.

“I was never a huge fan of museums,” shares Kenny, my best friend working for EssayOnTime, when I tell him that I often write there. “I think they’re dull and obscure. They never inspire me.”

inspire you to write - Photo by Una Laurencic from Pexels

When I first heard him, I became furious. The museum has been the center of my creativity for a very long time. But then I stopped, and realized, “Hey, maybe not all people think like me.” So here I am, writing an article about inspiring places to write in, without including museums.

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Free Resources for Every Step in Making an Ebook

You can alone write and publish an interactive ebook free with Kotobee, from beginning to end. But not all of us are multi-talented Renaissance people with the editing, design, programming and marketing skills to do it all alone. And not all budgets can afford trendy designers, expensive software and talented developers.

interactive ebook free

Throughout all our blog posts we always make a point to point you in the direction of free alternatives. Today we’re bringing all the free resources together in one place for you. Bookmark this page, you’ll be coming back to it often throughout your ebook creation process.

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How to Brand Your Business with the Art of Storytelling

Many self-publishing authors embark on the journey to market and brand their ebooks, while leaving their talents as an author behind, and attempting to take on the persona of a marketing agent. Oddly one of the keys to success in branding is exactly what authors, even of non-fiction, excel at the most—storytelling.

branding with storytelling

Since ancient times, human beings have always been fascinated by good stories. Why this interest? Well, because when well done, it sparkles our curiosity and awakens our emotions. This art can be integrated into all forms of content in your new ‘company’ to captivate your audience: websites, blogs, social media… And if the story of your brand is appealing enough, customers will be more interested in your brand and what you’re selling. If you want to know how to brand your business with the art of storytelling, keep reading. Continue Reading

How to Optimize Images for Your Ebook

Welcome back to a three-part series on optimizing media for your ebooks. In the first post, we showed you how to optimize videos, because, of all the media types, videos need optimizing the most. If you missed it, check it out How to Optimize Videos and Add Them to Your Ebook. Today we’ll show you how to optimize images.

optimize images

Image optimization means reducing the file size without reducing your image’s wow factor (or it’s informative value). There are several attributes that contribute to the size of your images’ files: physical image size, resolution and file type.  We’ll show you how the three affect the image’s file size. We’ll also give you ideal dimensions for ebook book covers, ebook app icons, and for the images inside your ebook.  Along the way, we’ll give you some extra tips, and in the end, you’ll get to see the results: the images and the real data. Continue Reading

6 Reasons to Have an Amazing Ebook Cover

Imagine how difficult it would be to choose an ebook if all the titles had the same old boring, plain covers. You would probably lose interest and not bother to read the summary or check if the writing style or plot interests you.

While many readers browse through the descriptions anyway, the ebook cover is more than often the first determining factor for buying any piece. Portraying the genre of the book, showing the story sense, conveying the content within, and presenting it in a way that the reader gets the gist of the book just by gazing at the cover; all of this is essential in the world of writing and publishing today.

plain book coverSource

I’m sure we have all heard the age-old adage “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” But, the fact of the matter is that humans are visual species, easily stimulated by compelling imagery and graphics. And not only do ebooks with appealing covers stand out, they also sell more.
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The Essential Guide to Ebooks and Ebook Apps

As more authors enjoy the autonomy and increased profit margin of self-publishing, ebook apps are beginning to be the go-to ebook option for many authors. Ebook apps are powerhouses next to the old standard ebook formats. With more features and more customization options, authors and readers alike are loving them. In some cases, an ebook app is overkill or won’t achieve the author’s goals. The only way to decide whether to publish your ebook as an ebook or an ebook app is to know the differences.  You need a breakdown of all the features of ebooks and ebook apps.

ebook apps

So, here it is—the definitive guide to the best ebook types and formats. As we go along, I’ll point out the advantages of each format, and you’ll start getting a clearer idea of what each format offers. By the end, you’ll know which formats are best for you and your ebook.

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Writing Contests You Need to Enter Now and in 2019


Ask any seasoned authors, how to push yourself to finish that never-ending wip and they’ll likely say the same thing: writing contests. Nothing pushes anyone to get work done like a deadline. Add a monetary award to the competition and the starving artist’s hunger pains begin to subside.

Ask your friends and loved ones what they think of your writing and unless you’re lucky enough to have Pulitzer Prize-winning authors for friends, they’ll probably say how relatable your writing it is, how it brought them to tears. While they may be the best people to go to for the relentless support you need on tough days, when you want to up your game, you’ll need more critical feedback from experts, who don’t know you and don’t care about your feelings. You need to start submitting your work to writing contests.


Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst

Check out our lists of over 100 writing contests. Below you’ll find opportunities for students, first-time authors, and published authors. Have your writing read by experts and maybe even get some recognition or a book seal for your work. We’ve organized them by category and deadlines, to make sure you don’t miss a date.

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Battle of the Titans: Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing

The journey to becoming a published writer is akin to a rollercoaster ride that’ll take you through so many twists and turns until you get to the finish line. One of the steepest turns you’ll have to take near the end is how you intend to publish your book. Weighing the pros and cons of both self-publishing and traditional publishing is vital, and the choice is fairly subjective, changing from one person to another.

As John Farwell, self-publisher and founder of EssayOnTime says, “Traditional publishing vs self-publishing…is one way better than the other? Absolutely no. It’s all relative, and it depends entirely on your book’s genre, quality, uniqueness, but also on your goals, lifestyle, knowledge, skills, and resources.”
 Since the choice is quite daunting as it is, we’ve decided to compile a pro-con list to help you make the right decision.

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40 Ideas to Market Your Ebook

To market an ebook yourself can seem like a daunting task, what with ebooks coming out of the woodwork here and there making you feel like you’re just a drop in the ocean. But here’s the thing, you need to shake off the negativity and work around this obstacle. What you need to start thinking of is how to shine in the midst of all those ebooks out there and get yourself a little bit of the spotlight.

To help you do that, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can make headway in the marketing ebooks game. This list includes ideas that can span the entirety of your ebook writing and publishing process so that you can build a name for yourself and start your journey the right way.

So here’s a monumental list of 40 ways to market an ebook to your target audience!

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How to Make Your Hardcopy Books and Documents Last a Lifetime

With every spring cleaning, job change, and every move or relocation to a new city, we get the urge to purge all our old favorites, to simplify and make room for all that’s new–books, drawings, posters, blueprints, and photographs. We get caught in the keep vs. toss conundrum. Books, memoirs, photo albums and scrapbooks all too old and ratty to hold on to, but too sentimental to throw out. Digitizing everything would make holding on to the memories easy and funner, as we share and tag friends in our old yearbook pictures.


Sure, there are ways to prolong the life of the books, but in the end, a 20-year-old book is more fragile than a brand new one. We’ll give you tips so you can preserve your print materials and digitize them.

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