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How to Deal with Criticism as a Writer

We can get criticized about anything–our hair, our shoes, our taste in restaurants–and we’ll laugh it off. But if someone criticizes our writing, then things get serious.

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When we write, we write our feelings and our thoughts. Cogito ergo sum. I think therefore I am. If my thoughts are proof of my existence, then naturally, my thoughts define who I am. And nothing can be more personal than the inexplicable feelings that reside in the depths of my inner world. Somewhere between our thoughts and our feelings, we are putting ourselves on paper, bare for anyone to criticize. When reviewers criticize our writing, they criticize us, the deepest parts of who we are. But is that really the case? Continue Reading

Turn Your Book into an Ebook App in Minutes

As more authors enjoy the autonomy and increased profit margin of self-publishing, ebook apps are beginning to be the go-to ebook option for many writers. Ebook apps are powerhouses next to the old standard ebook formats. With more features and more customization options, authors and readers alike are loving them. In some cases, an ebook app is overkill or won’t achieve the writer’s goals.

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If you still haven’t decided if ebook apps are the right option for you, then check out The Beginner’s Guide to Ebook Formats. You’ll find a breakdown of all the features of standard ebook formats and ebook apps, so you can decide which is best for you and your ebook.

Today, we’ll briefly explain what ebooks apps have to offer, how to quickly make them, and in the end, we’ll give you some tips on how to sell them. Continue Reading

5 Hot Careers in Publishing in 2019

Don’t be fooled into thinking that publishing is a dead-end career. Professionals within the publishing industry have never been more in demand. The only problem is that modern publishing jobs are less glamorous than people outside the industry may realize, but that doesn’t mean that they’re any less vital or rewarding.

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Top 10 Tools for Self-Publishing Authors

Being an author is not just about getting words down to complete your ebook. It’s about more than that: graphics, sales, promoting it. There are so many things that need to be done, not only to get the most out of your ebook, but to also boost your productivity and to get it done in less time.

Self-publishing authors

No author has ever published a novel without any help. We, authors, use many apps to achieve our goals, which is why we thought to share some of the best ones with you.

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Direct Sales with Major Ebook Retailers

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of self-publishing confusion and not know where to go once you’ve finally written your ebook and are ready to embark on the next step of your journey. Alas, there’s no need to worry about that, we’re here to throw you a life jacket and help you wade through the murky water of self-publishing platforms.

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Recently we went into detail on aggregators and what they bring to the self-publishing table. But there are some authors out there who would prefer a more hands-on approach with select retailers. So today we’re bringing to you the data so you can decide if you want to publish directly with the largest ebook retailers. Continue Reading

11 Tips to Improve Your Travel Writing

Do you have a travel blog? Do you write non-fiction pieces or articles as a freelancer for other travel websites? Do you have your own travel website that you have monetized? Do you just want to share your travel experiences with others in any way that you can?

Whatever your purpose for writing about travel, you obviously want to gain readership and following. The problem is this: a lot of travel writing is mundane repetitive, and often boring. As a writer, you know that you have to be unique in your presentation, or your pieces will just not stand out in this competitive environment.

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Here are eleven writing tips, some you may not have thought of and others a reminder of all the writing skills we all know, but may forget when we leave our homes and are lost in foreign lands. We’ve included tips for different types of travel writing, so you can bridge the gaps and remove the boundaries.

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Everything You Need to Know About Aggregators

Writing a book is no easy task. It requires a lot of hard work and perseverance. As authors pour their blood, sweat, and tears into their work, the least they can hope for is to get it out there and have readers appreciate it. But with self-publishing, in particular, it can be a difficult thing to accomplish and rather daunting, which is where aggregators come flying to the rescue.


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Freelance Writing Niches You Should Consider

Have you ever wondered where the better-paid freelance writing niches are hiding? Is it so hard for you to believe that a better income is possible? The good news is that there are plenty of niches that pay much better than, let’s say, writing blog posts or short online product descriptions. Many freelance writers don’t know exactly how to start freelancing and aren’t aware of all the different types of freelance writing gigs that allow you to be better paid.

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Turn Your Blog Posts into an Ebook in Minutes

Let’s face it, some of us take a lot of pride in our blogs. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to come up with a good and consistent stream of content, and when it works out, you might as well toot your own horn while using it as an alternative conversion tool to garner interest in your work. How do you do that you say? Convert your blog content into an ebook naturally!

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Yes, you heard read me right, you can and should actually turn your blog content into an ebook. Continue Reading