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10 Tips to Write Your First Ebook

Writing an ebook can be the tipping point that’ll turn your entire writing career around. While it might not seem like much, ebooks open new markets for you to help spread your writing and get your name out there. But as simple as it may seem, there’s a lot that should be considered and done for your ebook to have the kind of impact you’re hoping for.

first ebook

Which is why I’ve brought you 10 sure-fire tips to write a great ebook.

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Why You Should Convert Your Ebooks into Audiobooks

You’re writing an ebook and your mind is buzzing with all tasks that lay before you. Adding audiobooks to the list may not be on your mind, but making audiobooks is easy, profitable and good business sense.


Audiobook sales in 2017 were estimated to be around $2.5 billion and growing. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about audiobooks and how to go about converting and marketing your own, we’ve got you covered in this article, so keep on reading! Continue Reading

Avoid These 5 Ebook Marketing Pitfalls

Believe it or not, marketing your ebook might be as important, if not more important, than writing it in the first place. How? Well, think about it, self-publishing has made creating ebooks a piece of cake. For readers, finding a good ebook is like finding a needle in a haystack.  What’s the use of writing an ebook if no one gets to read it? That’s where marketing comes in.

ebook marketing pitfalls

Good marketing means readers will hear about your ebook and want to buy it. Which is why we’re bringing you 5 of the most common marketing mistakes writers make and how to right those mistakes.

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The Basic Guide to Self-Publishing Ebooks

If Mark Twain were alive now, he’d be dancing in the streets.  Well, maybe not quite. But he definitely wouldn’t have had to establish his own publishing house, just to get his books out his way. One hundred years later and self-publishing is finally commonplace. You can have full control over every step in the publishing process, from start to finish. Now, we’ve even gotten to the point where you can do it yourself and still get a lot of help along the way.


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Independent and Self Publishing: Do you know the difference?

The terms “self-publishing” and “independent publishing” often get confused. If that happened to you before, we don’t blame you — surely if you do something by yourself, you’re independent, right? Not in publishing.

The two types of publishing actually have quite a few differences, so much so, that they are considered completely different things. This can make the whole self/independent publishing mission for authors quite complicated.

independent publishing

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How to Optimize Audio for Your Ebook

Welcome to the final post in a three-part series on optimizing media for your ebooks. In this article, we’ll show you how to optimize audio files. In case you missed the first two posts, check them out: How to Optimize Images for Your Ebook and How to Optimize Videos and Add Them to Your Ebook.

audio files

Follow the 4 easy steps in this article to optimize your stand-alone audio files, as well as audio files in any videos you create.

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18 Tips to Become a Prolific Writer

It is like a drug – the more you write, the more you want to write. For some, writing a thousand words in a day is an achievement they want to reach. For others, this is nothing. Those who love to write always wish to be able to write more, but don’t always succeed.write more

The expectations and habits might differ from one writer to the other, but there is one common enemy that makes us all fail – procrastination. And it isn’t just the enemy of writers. It is the enemy of creative people and professionals, and basically every person striving to achieve something.

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International Book Fairs 2019

It’s finally here, the annual Kotobee International Book Fair Calendar. We know you’ve been waiting for it, as much as we have. Every year we compile for you the dates of the biggest and best book fairs around the world. Nothing warms a book lover’s heart more than a good book. And nothing excites a book addict more than a book fair, overflowing with publishers and booksellers.

book fairs

Take out your calendars and start jotting down dates. This year’s events look spectacular.  The fairs are scattered all over the world, so it’s time to start booking your plane tickets.

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7 Tips to Make the Most out of Existing Content

For newbie writers and bloggers, the focus on creating fresh and frequent content sometimes means we do not make the most out of existing content. We generate creative ideas, but then our ideas go undiscovered. Or we focus on the perfect selection of every word, but then our words go unread. It can be frustrating and discouraging to have valuable content under-utilized and under-read.

After we put in time and resources towards generating great and quality content for our online platforms, we are faced with the “what next” question for our content. Do we just leave this content in our article archives and have it rot away? What do we do if it doesn’t engage enough users as we wanted it to?

existing content

Keeping up with the latest trends in digital marketing and building a strong content strategy for your website or blog can be difficult. So, we’ve prepared for you a brief summary of the most effective aspects of content strategy and 7 practical tips so you can make the most out of your existing content. Continue Reading

Top 7 Must-Use Productivity Tools for Self-Publishing Authors

I always liked pouring out in words what’s going inside my mind and heart. It gave me a sense of satisfaction, made me feel light and content. At one point I decided to leave nine to five rat races and indulge myself in something I love to do–collecting words and stringing them together.

The journey was not easy. And writing full-time wasn’t what I expected. There were days when everything I did was anything but quick or successful. After spending three years experimenting, practicing and learning new techniques, I finally managed to become both more productive and more efficient.

productivity tools

There are countless tools out there to help streamline the writing process, but only a few of the productivity tools are truly fruitful for self-publishing authors. So here they are the top 7 must-have productivity tools for self-publishing authors.

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