Integrating your Ebooks using LTI

It’s important to make rich content in an LMS reachable in as few steps as possible while maintaining security. With the various content/technology providers available, LTI makes it easy to provide reusable content and tools to your students, under correct authentication – something not possible with SCORM. In this article we will be highlighting why you should start using LTI as a way of integrating your ebooks with your LMS, and practical steps on how to do so using Kotobee. If you’re using an LMS in your organization, this article is definitely for you.

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25 Publishing Events Not to Miss in 2018

For most people, writers have often been considered a solitary species (rather bookish, if you’ll excuse the pun!), that prefer to keep to themselves. But this has rather changed in the past few decades, with the ability to create an image around yourself in order to sell your books a much bigger deal.

Publishing events are often the best places to go to if you’re looking to reach out to fellow writers, literary agents and people in the know. Below is a list of some of the top literary events going on in 2018.

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Math Formulas, Ebooks, and You

Math needs no introduction, it will forever be one of the cornerstones of education. The most popular use of ebooks is for educational purposes, so it makes sense that there be a considerable demand for having various ways to display math formulas in ebooks.

Also, mathematical formulas vary in complexity through the education levels dramatically, which is why there needs to a unified method of showcasing any level of formula.

Whether you are a middle school teacher looking to teach basic algebra or a Ph.D. student writing their dissertation on how incredibly exciting calculus is, this guide will highlight the different ways of showing mathematical formulas in ebooks. These differing methods vary from simple to advanced, but each with their own purpose and uses.

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Free Writing Competitions in 2018

Let’s face it – there’s some pretty stiff competition out there in the big, wide world of writing and publishing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a success of it! One of the best ways of getting yourself some attention, especially if you’re an up-and-coming writer hungry to start getting your work published, is enter a competition.

And fear not! It doesn’t have to get expensive! Although there are plenty of writing competitions out there with entrance fees (they can also be called “Reading Fees”), you do have the option of entering competitions that don’t have entrance fees. Some of these competitions and contests are also backed by reputable names, such as the BBC, who will then publish them to an incredibly wide audience.

Just as we’ve entered a new year, think of this as a golden opportunity to start your writing career. So, take your pick of the 21 competitions outlined below that don’t require a financial commitment on your part to enter.

Scroll to the bottom, or click on any of the images to visit the competitions’ respective websites.

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The Best Books of 2017

At the end of each year, it’s wise to take a look back and see what potentially life-changing reads you could’ve missed. With the endless myriad of publications and opinions, it’s easy to get lost in the sheer volume of choices.

We’ve set this list up to shortlist 18 awesome publications that we’ve personally enjoyed reading over the last year. We hope you enjoy as many of them as you possibly can!

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30+ Awesome Workshops & Retreats for Fiction Writers in 2018

With the new year just in, you’ve got a new opportunity to invest in your career as a writer. One of the best ways to do this is by attending workshops or retreats where you’ll get guidance and critiques, often from hosts who are themselves, award-winning authors.

Aside from getting your creative juices running, writer’s retreats and workshops are also the perfect way to network with other authors and others involved in the publishing industry. You’ll get to ask the right questions and hear the answers you need for your latest literary work – and get yourself known.

30+ awesome retreats and workshops for fiction writers

Below are 30+ amazing retreats and workshops around the world that you can attend to glean advice and take inspiration from. Many of them offer financial aid of some sort. Also, make sure to check their other programs while you’re at it!

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The Essential Checklist for Academic Authors

For those of us who were in education as recently as the 2000s, we’ll still remember the sometimes large (and rarely slim) textbooks we had to lug around to classes. Fortunately, for the generations coming after, digital textbooks have been making gradual but meaningful inroads into how students get their information and interact with it, thanks to academic authors. In previous articles, we discussed how technology could be successfully incorporated into the classroom context.

But have you, as an educator, ever considered writing your own digital textbook? Although there’s still a bit of a love-hate relationship with textbooks, they do have major benefits, especially in terms of ease of use, and interactivity.

If you are considering writing your own academic ebook, below are seven useful points you will need to keep in mind for when you start.

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[Free Ebook] The Ultimate Guide to Creating Interactive Ebooks

Interactive ebooks have been challenging the reading experience for years. By presenting a reading experience a notch above boring static documents such as PDFs, interactive ebooks have been utilized to immerse the reader in an experience full of dynamic content, particularly by educators. It’s been shown time and time again that learners learn better when they’re highly engaged. So educators have been fiddling with interactive ebooks; trying out animated content, 3D models, gamification, mobile learning and so on, in search of the ultimate ebook experience.

So what we’ve done is we gathered all the best advice we have, and all the information an interactive ebook enthusiast or an educator would need to deliver highly engaging and interactive content, and we’ve placed it all in ONE AWESOME GUIDE.

The beauty of this guide is that once you self-register using your email, you’ll have permanent access to this ebook and you’ll be able to open it from any device, anytime. Also, your bookmarks, annotations, and notes will be saved to your account, so you’ll retrieve them once you sign in from any device. Read on to learn how to access our Ultimate Ebook Guide for free!

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The Complete Calendar of International Book Fairs in 2018 [Infographic]

With the beginning of each new year, we all make promises to ourselves about the positive changes we’d like to make in our lives over the coming 12 months. The new year is the perfect excuse to get your teeth stuck into a fresh pile of books (and as many of the following book fairs also sell books at discounts, your wallet won’t suffer too much!)

In the following 12 months, there are plenty of opportunities to walk along shelves piled high with books, searching for the latest literary gems. The following book fairs are just a taster of this year’s top options from around the world.

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10+ Tools to Help with Creating Interactive Ebooks

Since ebooks have been introduced to the market, they have been known to ease access for readers everywhere. Books, from every genre, became available right at the fingertips of the reader. This ease has given books the capability to be mobile and gave the readers access to the books everywhere; a blessing that bookworms have learned to appreciate.

On the other hand, it has given authors an easier method to publish their books. It has drastically eased the process of publication. With the process being that simplified, authors still need tools to help them out with writing, editing and publishing their work in order to present in the best way possible.

tools for creating interactive ebooks

Considering you’ve chosen your writing software, we’ve combined a list of possible tools that could help writers while they embark on the wonderful journey of writing and publishing interactive ebooks. And since ebooks are not just about the story line or the text, there are several websites and tools for all the other aspects that need to be considered.

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